Prime Minister Narendra Modi 31st dec, 2016 speech in just 5 min

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s Speech always brings new changes for the development of a country.

After demonetisation, he comes up with new schemes which he discussed at 7:30pm on 31st December, 2016 `which was telecast by National Broadcaster Doordarshan.

These schemes will definately help the whole economy likewise, the black Money was vanished from the country.

Following are the important highlight which are covered in video

1) Upgrading platform of the rural economy.

2) Declining interest rate from rural to urban.

3) Boost entrepreneurship via NABARD

4) Improvement on loan scheme by NBFCs

5) Helping hand for better future

6) BHIM App- Step towards Digitalisation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi 31st dec, 2016… by betteremployable-com

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